By Age Group

2013-14: іLa vida de Pepa!/The Life of Pepa! 

This school year, please join Pepa and her brother Pepe, as their everyday routines become entertaining adventures! In the fall, children will have fun helping Pepa and Pepe get ready for school, as well as visit “la granja” (the farm). In the winter, children will venture to school with Pepa and Pepe, as well as visit Puerto Rico for a big family reunion! In the spring, children will have fun enjoying snack time, learning favorite after-school games and then having dinner and participating in Pepa and Pepe’s bedtime routines.

Through Hola La’s signature humor, catchy chants and engaging games and stories, children will learn everyday vocabulary and phrases, customs of Puerto Rico, and get to know Pepa’s family and new surroundings. *

  • Private school programs will engage further in each subject area, depending on length and frequency of programming.

     i.      Preschoolers through 3rd graders engage in a curriculum focused on Pepa, Hola La’s endearing blue-haired mascot, and her mischievous & humorous brother Pepe, Pepa’s beloved pets, as well as other family members.  Pepa and her family have just arrived in the United States from sunny Puerto Rico, and students help them to adapt to their new surroundings, and aspire to become bilingual too!

     ii.      THEMES

    1. La Vida de Pepa (The Life of Pepa)***,  
    2. Pepa en el otono (Pepa in the Fall),
    3. Pepa en el ivierno (Pepa in the Winter),
    4. Pepa en la pimavera (Pepa in the Spring),
    5. Pepa va a Argentina/Puerto Rico/México (Pepa goes to Argenina/Puerto Rico/Mexico) – no reference guide/CD; typically a summer curriculum
    6. La mesa familiar (The Family Table)
         iii.  Reference Guides and CDs to correspond with above “Pepa” themes 
  • 4th GRADE – 8thGRADE
    • Using TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling), students learn Spanish through relatable and age-appropriate stories, incorporating grammar and vocabulary in context.