• How we teach in the private schools
    • Hola La brings its dynamic teachers and curriculum to private schools, ranging from preschool – 8th grade. Hola La collaborates with individual schools to meet unique technology needs, to assess the most effective classroom techniques, and to determine appropriate duration and frequency of programming by grade level.
    • Technology
      • Technology has quickly become a key tool in teaching language, and Hola La leverages the opportunity students have to hear themselves speak, and to make learning language more interactive outside of the classroom. Hola La collaborates with each school, incorporating SmartBoard, Google Sites, Games and Apps, and any other internal programs used by a particular school.
  • Examples of successes in private schools 

    (Testimonials coming soon) 


COMMUNITY & AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAMS – Hola La continues to bring its program to after-school programs, preschools and communities. (Click HERE to contact us if you are a school or parent interested in bringing Hola La to your school or community.)