In the world we live in today, there are fortunately many opportunities for children to learn Spanish. Please find below a list of suggestions and resources for children, parents and educators interested in learning or reinforcing Spanish. We are continuously looking for new resources, so please contact us with other ideas, or thoughts/suggestions about any of the following. ¡Gracias!


Form or join a Spanish playgroup by asking friends, local community networks, or through advertising. Playgroups are an excellent way for children to meaningfully interact with the Spanish language in a fun and informal way.


Find books that support the Spanish language. These can be found either at your local library, Barnes and NobleAmazonLectorum (Spanish books),Language Lizard

The Bilingual Edge: Why, When and How to Teach Your Child a Second Language by Kendall King, Ph.D. and Alison Mackey, Ph.D. An excellent resource for families who would like to raise their children bilingually.


Purchase children's music in Spanish (with English translation provided) or bilingual soundtracks. and Barnes and Noble both have great selections.
We love Sol y Canto's "Twice as Many Friends" CD.

Websites for Children:

PBS Kids - Sesame Street: Asks children to identify an article by saying the word in Spanish and providing a picture. 
Matching Game
Bob the Builder: Select "If you are from another country, click here". Not a bilingual site but a chance for children to hear some of their favorite characters speak Spanish!
Dora the Explorer
BBC Primary Spanish
The Internet Picture Dictionary: Spanish 
Little Explorers Spanish Dictionary



Lectorum: The Spanish arm of Scholastic Publishing; wide selection of Spanish books, lesson plans and music.

Language Lizard: An innovative resource for award-winning bilingual and multicultural children's products in over 40 languages.


"Why, How and When Should My Child Learn a Second Language?" 
ERIC Clearing House on Language and Linguistics

"Bilingual Kids not Slowed by Second Tongue"
The News in Science

Brain Research: Implications for Second Language Learning
Center for Applied Linguistics

"10 Good Reasons You Should Be Learning a Foreign Language"

NYT 2012 - New York Times


ADFL (Associations of Departments of Foreign Languages): "Knowing Other Languages Brings Opportunities"

 Ñandutí (Center for Applied Linguistics): Ñandutí is our favorite comprehensive resource on foreign language teaching and learning in grades pre K-8. 

NNELL (National Network for Early Language Learning)