What People Are Saying About Hola La!

"This is our third year of providing Spanish instruction to our K-6 students through the Hola La program.   Hola La’s use of thematic units of study, which are delivered through interactive hands-on activities, is very much in keeping with Saratoga Independent School's approach to instruction and curriculum.  Children are engaged and learning in a meaningful context!  The staff works collaboratively with the Director to ensure that  individual children's needs are met and that the instruction is in keeping with the School's culture. Hola La’s use of music in the classroom, as well as posting these songs and other games to a Spanish site for SIS, has helped to bridge the connection between home and school. The Hola La program has become a very enriching and popular part of our curriculum and we are grateful to be able to offer this to our families.

Hola La is also offered to 3 and 4 year olds as an after school enrichment program.  This class is so popular, that the one session in which it was not offered (due to scheduling issues), we received numerous calls from parents who told us how disappointed their children were!

 We are enthusiastic about continuing this partnership in the future." 

Director of School, Saratoga Independent School

“Our children love Hola La!  They look forward to visiting with all the animals, and sing the songs for days afterwards.  The school and parents love having the lesson plans, vocabulary, and songs available so we can share in the fun, and follow up at home and in the classrooms.  We are delighted to participate in the program, and highly recommend their cheerful, energetic staff and engaging curriculum.”  

- Dory Sample, Director  St. Clement Episcopal School Alexandria, VA 

"I would highly recommend Hola La to any school or parent that is looking for a quality music and Spanish program for their child. We are so happy to have Hola La part of our preschool/kindergarten curriculum." 

- Director, Summit Montessori, Framingham, MA

Both my daughter and I look forward to our Hola-La class each week. I am learning as much as my daughter and at 2 ½ she even speaks to others in Spanish on a daily basis unprompted by me!!!

- Ioliene B., New York

"My children have taken Spanish before but they were never excited about learning a language until Hola La! It is an engaging, exciting class that has my daughter singing and speaking in Spanish all week! She loves it!" 

- Mother of 3, Concord, MA

"Hola La has been more successful than television shows or books to get my children to pick up on Spanish vocabulary and even full sentences! To have my not-even-two-year-old tell me that a shark is a "tiburon" or show me the difference between "grande" and "pequeno" is all I need to know that it is successful. And most important of all, it's fun! My daughter and I sing the songs every day, and she knows the little dances. It's a wonderful program." 

- Mother of 2, Ballston Spa, NY

"We love Hola La. I feel that my child has learned a tremendous amount of Spanish in only a short period of time. My child looks forward to class every week and she is soaking up the language like a sponge!" 

- Mother of 1, Malta, NY 

"This has been one of the most successful programs at the Albany JCC to date!" 

- Andrew Katz, Director of Youth Services, Sidney Albert Albany JCC (preschool/daycare program, Albany, NY)

"On Saturday we hopped on the bus. I said say hello to the little baby in spanish and my daughter said, "Hola bebe!" It is nice for her to know she can express herself in many ways. We alternate reading books in English, Spanish and French at home and my daughter is becoming quite a flexible child." 

- Mother of 1, Framingham, MA

"The Hola La cd is on the repeat setting in our car and our children never tire of it. The teachers are enthusiastic and creatively present the Spanish language in a way that mesmerizes the children and leaves them looking forward to the next class week after week."

- Mother of 3, Greenfield Center, NY

"Our daughter has been participating in Hola la since age two. Now at age 4, we are amazed at the level of understanding she has for the Spanish language. Even though I sit through each and every class my duaghter has picked up the language and pronunciation better than I have. She often corrects me! Our daughter especially loves the music and sings the Spanish songs all the time. People stop and stare at us in amazement when we are out and she is either talking or singing in Spanish. The teachers are excellent and encourage the children to learn through puppets, props, books, singing and dancing. Hola-la has opened up a new level of learning and cognition for our daughter and we feel so fortunate that it is offered in our area!!!"

- Nicole A., Clifton Park, NY

"Hola La is a great way to expose young children to Spanish. The classes are super fun, and full of energy. Our instructor is very engaging, my son never loses interest. The activities used are age appropriate and the music is wonderful. You and your child will be singing Me Cuerpo when you leave!"

- Lori M., Mother of Two, Malta, NY

"My son looks forward to Hola La each week. I love having an activity to take my pre-schooler to that he enjoys and that holds his attention. The class itself is the perfect amount of time for him, as is each activity during class!" 

- Lori M., Malta, NY

"Hola La is wonderful. My children always look forward to going to class.  During the summer they ask me, "when can we go to Hola La again Mommy?".  The children DO really absorb the information. My kids speak Spanish out of the blue. It blows my mind as they are only 2 and 3 years old." 

- Christina T., Saratoga Springs, NY